Facebook, Paypal & Corona (Covid-19)

Hello friends!

We hope you’re all healthy, enjoying the Sun somewhere and taking good care of yourself!

We’ve got 2 news for you. One is great, and we’re very happy to finally tell you about it. The other one is not so much unfortunately,

Let’s begin with the bad news.
Maybe some of you already noticed it: Paypal blocked our account.

And we are not the only ones facing this problem!

Actions are being and have been taken drastically and brutally against the hemp and/or CBD scene for a long time now. Still it is being tolerated in big supermarkets who offer the same products as we do in our shop.

We’re talking about partially hundreds of hemp products in their shelves.

Still, we are the ones being accused of portraying a potential danger !

Meanwhile we are poisoned everyday by products that are legal;

Medicine (Drugs)
and many more…

But we are the ones who are socially not accepted, respectively endangering coorperations like Paypal.

Here is an excerpt from their answer to our question why our account was blocked:

I have checked the case ID PP-L-237XXXXXX and I have found you have been notified on 17/07/2020 via email about the reason:

“to protect us from potential financial loss”.

Funnily enough it’s important to note that the PayPal headquarters are based in Luxembourg and that our Paypal account has never been financially in the red or in debt or whatsoever.

The hemp market has been one of the most thriving markets in a long time and we still apparently pose a threat.

The industry, the economy and the lobby know how much money these wonderful products can make and would like to synthesize them, screw them up, add chemical substances and sell them lucratively in a beautiful packaging, overpriced.

It’s a joke, that a giant like Paypal blocks our account, freezes the money and takes away the only way of quick and practical payment for us on our online shops, exactly in a time like the Corona Pandemic, where our business relies the most on online services to keep selling their goods to survive! What a world we live in….

Even Facebook, also owns Instagram and Whatsapp, restricted our Accounts, regarding Advertising in any kind of way. Even our private accounts, which are connected to our Pages…

It is an endless struggle in which the small shops and sole traders have no way of winning.

Goods are confiscated in the shops and are not released even after 12 months.

No one can answer your questions and you will be guided back and forth.

It seems hopeless.

But we will not give up – On the contrary!

All the happy faces of our customers, the many conversations, the many new friends and all the experiences we were able to share with you are our gift and our motivation ! <3


Beautiful, more colorful, clearly arranged and with even more products ♥

Paypal is currently out but we are trying very hard to find alternatives.

Unfortunately right now we can only accept payments by bank transfer.

We know that will take longer and you will have to wait a little for your products.

Sadly, Digicash is not ready yet to work with our online shop system (one of the largest on the market) and our hands a little tied concerning alternatives because nobody wants to support the hemp market.

But this will still not stop us

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Maybe it reaches someone who can change something in this regard.

Thank you for reading, for the time and for all the support!

Virtual Hugs to all of you ♥