Apinath Premium Honey From Italy, Sardinia. Natural Honey.


One of the most nutritious foods that nature makes available to us as it contains almost all the nutrients necessary for humans. Bee pollen contains about 40% of proteins, free amino acids, vitamins and minerals and all the B vitamins, as well as many antioxidants.

It is the richest protein food available; richer in protein than any animal products such as meat. Pollen is able to help correct nutritional imbalances due to incorrect and inadequate nutrition. One teaspoon a day is capable of improving endurance and fighting fatigue so as to be used in the gym by bodybuilders or as a tonic in case of illness. Pollen benefits the intestinal flora and supports the immune system.



Arbutus honey is characterized by a pungent and markedly bitter aroma. Astringent and diuretic, beneficial for urinary tract disorders, effective in asthmatic forms. The bitter strawberry tree honey is famous and sought after for its properties, so much so that it is also marketed in pharmacies. This typically Sardinian bitter honey is produced in the “Is benas” locality on the slopes of Monte Arci at 800mt., An area characterized by Mediterranean scrub with strawberry tree, heather, myrtle, rock rose, lavender. Since flowering is late (November) in a period in which weather conditions often prevent bees from doing their job due to the climate, the production of strawberry tree honey in the world is very limited, making it a valuable honey. It follows that the production of strawberry tree honey is usually limited, qualitatively variable and in some vintages honey is not produced.


Antibacterial function, useful for coughing and inflammation of the respiratory system. Balsamic and intense, Eucalyptus honey is suitable not only for uses of natural medicine but also for use in daily cooking; its sweetening power allows it to be used instead of sugar during breakfast and for the preparation of drinks and desserts. Thanks to the particular balsamic power and antiseptic properties, eucalyptus honey represents a valid ally in the fight against seasonal ailments; it is used to counter the classic cold of the first colds, to control fat cough and reduce phlegm, thanks to the effective antispasmodic and fluidifying action. Thanks to the enzymes contained it helps to significantly reduce body temperature and therefore fever, it helps those suffering from intestinal problems. Best Eucalyptus honey 2019, awarded with three drops of gold. The Eucalyptus plants of Sardinia, thanks to the unique climate in the world, reach 25 meters. tall and produce intense blooms. It is produced in Masongiu, at the foot of the Monte Arci volcanic complex and a few steps from the sea.


Orange Blossom

Antispasmodic, sedative, reconciling sleep. One of the best known uses of orange honey is to relax and soothe. It stimulates the appetite, purifies the body, in addition to vitamins and minerals it contains a series of important nutrients with the ability to antioxidant capable of fighting free radicals within our body. With its delicate but markedly aromatic flavor, orange honey is one of the best to use as a sweetener for milk, tea or for hot herbal teas in winter.

Wild Lavender
(limited production)

Lavender, in addition to having a very particular and pleasant scent, is one of the jewels of aromatherapy practices being able to give an immediate sense of relaxation of the nervous system.   It is a valid natural solution to regain momentum and balance and a calming effect against anxiety and stress. Antispasmodic and slightly analgesic, it can be consumed to combat cases of headache and as a solution for dizziness. Gi has an antirheumatic and digestive action and can be used externally to combat sunburn and itching. Lavender honey can be used to treat various diseases related to the sphere of the nervous system.  Light amber yellow color. Fruity and fragrant citrus flavor. Excellent for breakfast and before bed. Produced in the area rich in citrus groves of Zerfaliu (OR).

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Excellent sweetener with a marked bitter but pleasant taste. Chestnut honey is very nutritious, is a remarkable source of vitamins of groups B and C, contains mineral salts such as potassium, calcium and manganese and is very rich in protein and iron. In cosmetics, it is used as a nutrient for dry and debilitated hair: just apply it on the hair, which, coming into contact with a particular hair substance, keratin, will exert a softening and regenerating action. Fructose is the main element behind this interesting effect.


Zen (Ginger)

All the benefits of Honey and Ginger root extract in one product. The careful dehumidification allows its conservation even out of the refrigerator for an immediate use of the preparation.

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Nocciole Hazelnut or Cocoa

Our HAZELNUT and HONEY CREAM is a delicious prepared for breakfast or snack. Only two natural and healthy ingredients, without lecithins, milk, sugar or palm oil: 65% Honey, 35% hazelnut cream.

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